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IMMUNO-PLUS (60 Capsules)

For boosting immunity

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IMMUNO-PLUS is the perfect all-natural herbal supplement to boost your immune system and strengthens your body’s defenses against diseases and infections. IMMUNO-PLUS provides your immune system the necessary reinforcement to keep you safe and healthy.

A weakened immune system opens you to a host of illnesses, such as:


  • Recurring Infections
  • Heightened Risk of Cancer
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Slow Growth Rate
  • Serious Damage to the Heart, Lungs, Digestive Tract & the Nervous System

Infused with the ages-proven goodness of all-natural ingredients, IMMUNO-PLUS is the perfect supplement to strengthen your immune system without having to worry about side effects. Sourced from nature’s own pharmacy of herbs, the ingredients in IMMUNO-PLUS present the following benefits:

Wellness Powered by Ayurveda

At Herbved + we believe that wellness is not the mere absence of disease but the celebration of your health that helps you lead a fulfilling life.

While modern medicine focuses more on the treatment of symptoms of a disease, we believe in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that addresses the root cause of any disease.

Herbved + has developed advanced natural formulations and medications inspired by the ancient Indian texts that address the root causes of chronic and life-threatening ailments.

The range of products have been developed to help patients manage serious ailments such as heart diseases, thyroid disorders, gastric problems, immunity disorders, brain diseases, osteo-arthritis, joint pains, & many more.

Ayurvedic medicines have for thousands of years empowered us with means to maintain health and prevent diseases.

The All-Natural Guarantee of

  • Made from 100%
    Pure Natural Herbs

  • No Artificial Substitutes

  • Authentic & Safe

  • No Steroids

  • No Chemicals

  • Proven Results

  • No Side Effects

Benefits of Ayurveda Based Lifestyle

  • It Increases Immunity

  • It is natural

  • It has no side-effects

  • Removes diseases from the root

  • Improves bodily functions

  • Helps maintain a healthy weight

  • Increases one’s life span

  • Relaxes, rejuvenates & revitalizes

  • It recommends eating foods that are easily available, non-toxic & aids in healing