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Anaemia is a condition wherein the number of red blood cells in your blood is low, red blood cells carry oxygen to all the organs and tissues in the body, so when they are low your body does not get enough oxygen to perform well. An Anemia Test is ideally the best way to determine if you are suffering from anemia. You can easily book an Anemia Test in Gurgaon and get the screening done without any hassles. A complete blood count test can help in assessing all the necessary parameters so that you are able to take the necessary steps and ensure you are not affected by the condition and are able to lead a happy, healthy life. A CBC Test in Gurgaon is a comprehensive blood test that checks for multiple parameters in the blood to determine different medical conditions. A Complete Hemogram Test mainly includes Red Blood Cells, Haemoglobin, Hematocrit, Platelet Count, and White Blood Cells. The phlebotomist takes your blood sample, which takes only a few minutes. The sample is then sent to the lab to perform the tests included in the Complete Hemogram Test.

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Why Anemia Testing is important?

Anaemia happens when there is an imbalance in the production of red blood cells and the destruction of red blood cells. On an average around 0.8 to 1% of red blood cells are replaced every day and their lifespan is generally between 100 to 120 days. When this process is negatively impacted, the result is anemia. Getting an Anaemia Test done is advisable to understand how serious the problem is and to determine the cause. Booking a Complete Hemogram test in Gurgaon is a simple process which can help you resolve your symptoms easily. Reasons why Red Blood Cell production is reduced Deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or Folate. Suffering from Hypothyroidism Reduced stimulation of red blood cell production Causes for Red Blood Cell destruction Endometriosis Periods Childbirth Accidents Genetic disorders etc Iron deficiency is the most common cause for anemia, however, it is advisable to get a Hemoglobin Test or Iron Deficiency Test in Gurgaon done to get definitive diagnosis.

How Anemia Blood Test is performed in Gurgaon?

In the Complete Hemogram Test there are few components that typically reveal if a person is suffering from anemia. These components are the Red Blood Cell Count, Red Blood Indices - MCV, MCHC, MCH, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit. The following results generally indicate that a person is anemic RBC - Typically low Hemoglobin - Low Hematocrit - Low The red blood indices can further help in diagnosing the type of anemia. If a person is suffering from anemia they may notice the following symptoms, however, getting a Hemoglobin Test or a Complete Blood Count Test in Gurgaon is best for a clear diagnosis. Pale skin Feeling cold Brittle nails Shortness of breath Dizziness While anemia is generally easily treatable, the kind of treatment depends upon the specific cause and severity of the condition. Anemia can prove to be dangerous, even fatal if not treated; hence, it is essential to get an Anemia test done so that your doctor may start your treatment at the earliest.

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