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Full Body Checkup in Meerut @399

Full Body Checkup is a good way to assess your overall health. A full body checkup packages in Meerut mainly include lipid profile test, cholesterol test, liver function test, complete hemogram test, kidney function test, blood sugar test, thyroid test and more. For a full body checkup, you just need to give your blood sample which takes only a few minutes. The sample is sent to the lab to perform all the tests included in your package. If you are healthy and under the age of 30 then you should get a health checkup in 2-3 years. If you are above 30 and healthy then getting a full body checkup in Meerut once a year is advisable. For senior people, it is advisable to get a full body checkup in Meerut at least once in every 6-months.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a Full Body Checkup package, Healthians provides you 81 tests with Free Doctor Consultation and Free Sample Collection which includes Lipid Profile Test, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Complete Hemogram Test, Thyroid Profile Test, Urine Routine Test, Blood Glucose Test and more.
Health is a matter of importance and getting regular full body tests can help you assess your health in the best way possible. A regular full body checkup is a great way to ensure that there is no issue with your health. A complete body checkup acts as an early warning system and gives you an assessment of main functions and organs of the body. A whole body test is also essential because many major chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension do not show clear symptoms in the early stages. Getting checked on time for these illnesses helps in understanding the health risks you can prevent them before anything serious happens.

Following are the tests that are performed in full body screening:

Lipid Profile: Cholesterol Total, HDL Cholesterol Direct, LDL Cholesterol Direct, Triglycerides, VLDL, LDL/HDL RATIO Liver Function Test: Albumin Serum, Alkaline Phosphatase Serum, Bilirubin Serum, GGTP, SGOT, SGPT

Complete Hemogram: ABC Count, AEC Count, ALC Count, ANC Count, ESR Automated, Hemoglobin, MCH, MCV, MPV, Platelet Count Thrombocyte count, WBC, RDW, Neutrophils

Thyroid Profile: T3, T4, TSH Ultra-Sensitive Iron Studies: Iron Serum, TIBC, Transferrin Saturation Kidney Function Test: BUN Urea Nitrogen, Calcium Total, Chlorides, Creatinine, Phosphorus-Inorganic, Potassium Serum, Sodium Serum, Urea Serum, Uric Acid, BUN/Creatinine Ratio, Urea/Creatinine Ratio

Urine Routine & Microscopy: pH Urine, Urobilinogen, Colour, Transparency, Albumin, Sugar, Red blood cells, Epithelial cells, Crystals, Bacteria, Nitrate, Urine Ketone, Leucocyte Esterase, Bilirubin

Healthians has more than 7-lac satisfied customers spread across 39-cities in the country and employs cutting edge and innovative tech based solutions to deliver affordable, high quality standardised diagnostic services that are completely accurate. We have specialised technology for assuring quality collection and testing across our tightly controlled network of labs and over 500 fulltime phlebotomists.

Healthians brings a standardised whole body test in Meerut that provides you the most accurate result at the best price. We make sure that the sample transportation must be in an environment proof way safe from heat, sunlight, contamination and human error. We also have Smartprick ™ and butterfly prick technology to collect samples in the most possible painless way. You can book a full body test in Meerut from Healthians at the most competitive price and be assured of accurate and safe sample collection and testing.

Our foremost priority is to ensure the highest levels of standards, process benchmarking and overall quality at each and every step. From ensuring most hygienic conditions in the sample collection process to monitoring the sample testing at each stage to ensuring 100% accuracy of diagnostic reports, we leave no stone unturned in keeping the best interests of your health and happiness. We leverage technology, processes and policy to ensure we deliver you the best experience every time.

Our in-house Quality Assurance team monitors every step in the process, from sample collection till report delivery to ensure that every process meets the standards in place. The process moves forward to the next level only once all the checks have been performed.

Healthians is a direct to customer service wherein there are no middle men involved which means that we are able to price our services extremely competitively and pass on the advantage to our customers. Our complete body checkup in Meerut is one of the most affordable in the market and delivers some of the most essential tests.

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